Gracing The Today Show, The Cast of Wicked Performed 3 Songs

In a bid to celebrate the show’s reopening at the Gershwin Theatre in Broadway, Wicked’s cast had given a performance of three different songs from the hit show live on The Today Show on September 14 on NBC.

Wicked musical

Catch a glimpse of the entertaining cast, with frontliners Brittney Johnson and Jennifer DiNoia (both standbys for the respective characters, Glenda and Elphaba), gave a heart-rending performance with – “What is this feeling?”
Lindsey Pearce, who plays Elphaba, leads the show’s reopening cast; others include Glenda, played by Ginna Claire Mason; Madame Horrible, played by Kathy Fitzgerald. The Wizard played by Michael McCormick; Fiyero played by Gravitte; Bog played by Riley Costello; Nessarose played by Mili Diaz, and Doctor Dillamond, played by Michael X. Martin. ( A veteran of the show, Fitzgerald holds down the role of Horrible until September 26, then afterwards, the role goes to Alexandra Billings, who held down the role at the shutdown.)

The cast of the show includes Alex Aquilino, Ioana Alfonso, Larkin Bogan, Antonette Cohen, Randy Castillo, Meg Doherty, Hannah Florence, Teneise Mitchell Ellis, Jenny Florkowski, Josh Daniel Green, Dan Gleason, Celia Hottenstein, Jeff Heimbrock, Courtney Iventosch, Chase Madigan, Colby Q. Lindeman, Micaela Martinez, Sterling Masters, Kevin Massey, Jo’Nathan Michael, Matt Meigs, Lindsay K. Northern, Dashi Mitchell, William Ryall, Emily Rogers, Travis Taber, Christianne Tisdale, and Jeremy Thompson.

Since it first got launched on October 30, 2093, the show has been seen in more than 100 cities from 16 different cities during Wicked tour. In the tenth month of 2019, the hit show passed another show, Les misérables and is now the fifth longest-airing production in the history of Broadway.

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