Different Feelings after Watching Musical at the Aronoff Center

Wicked the musical

Time causes changes. It affected the musical either. The fans of the show must be tearing hair out at the thought of any alterations in the performance. However, no changes in the plot has been made. It is about the world.

The world is different now compared to what it used to be 14 years before. That is why, the citizens of Cincinnati have found a deeper meaning within the show. School bulling, disinformation, xenophobia, parental abuse… Such things were not so obvious even 3 years ago. They dawned people after the show for this time. How it can be explained?

The birth of Elphaba, the green baby is held in contempt by her father due to her color skin. By the way, do you know why she is born green? The thing is that, her dad sells a bright green elixir. It results in numerous troubles at school. Even such a small and at the first sight insignificant situation is steeped in the above-mentioned social disorders.
Some people started perceiving the musical in a new way.

Another perspective made the show darker and really wicked. However, the rest of the fans sees the show as a fairy-tale which tells about a struggle against injustice.

If you are changing, you may see this world in totally different colors. This is exactly what has happened to some spectators who suggested another interpretation of “The Wicked”.

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