Do Something Wicked – Tree Planting This Autumn


Continuous efforts by the amazing cast and crew of the ever so popular WICKED musical from West End and Broadway have been sustained this year as the aforementioned collectively aim to raise large sums to support initiatives by Woodland Trust.

The Trust has had a WICKED helping hand for 8 years. In that time the musical has raised well over 77,000 pounds, and with that have facilitated the planting of over 50,000 trees in direct conjunction with Woodland. This feat has not been achieved with ease by the cast and company of WICKED. Audience participation and overall generosity have gone a long way in reaching the milestone, along with packaged experiences and having photo booths during their shows at the majestic Apollo Victoria Theatre.

It is clear that WICKED is as amazing a show as it has been a partner for Woodland Trust. The musical reached a milestone 12th anniversary in September 2018 and continues to cement its reputation as a hugely popular, if not the most popular musical by West End and Broadway. The show has been seen by over 10 million people in its running, with 90% being from London only.

Michael McCabe, an Executive from WICKED UK, was grateful for the milestone and for the efforts of the entire team that worked ‘tirelessly’ and ‘passionately’ since 2006. He also showed appreciation for the ‘unwavering’ support the show has received from its fans. In regards to Woodland Trust, he expressed his delight to support the cause. He acknowledged the beautiful woodland spaces and how they benefit other plants and animals.

WICKED hopes that 2018 will be its best yet in terms of sourcing for capital, attempting to reach a greater radius of people and sensitizing them. It is offering, for the inaugural time, Polaroids with cast members before the matinee show slated for 31 October 2018 and options to make donations.

On the other hand, Woodland Director of Fund-raising Karl Mitchell reiterated his satisfaction with the work the team over at WICKED’s creative fund raising method. He said that the aim this year was to garner public interest. Through the WICKED partnerships, people could get a 10% discount on selected trees from the Woodland Tree Shop. He reminded that trees planted allowed for clean air and there better health for both plants and animals whose decline has been steady for the last half a century.

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