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What’s Up With the “Wicked” Movie?

The Wicked film adaptation – a potential blockbuster that never was. Stans of the hit Broadway musical might feel deceived that the once anticipated Wicked movie just missed its previously scheduled ... Read More


Idina Menzel Backs Ariana Grande to be Amazing as Elphaba

With a film adaptation of the Wicked musical in the works, names are being attached to various roles, one such role being Elphaba. Popstar Ariana Grande is one of the names being associated with the ... Read More


Wicked Surpasses Les Misérables in the Record Books

Broadway’s 'Wicked' continues with its meteoritic rise by surpassing Les Misérables as the 5th longest-running Broadway production. On October 28, Wicked played show number 6,681 at the Gershwin ... Read More

Wicked New Orleans

Wicked Deal in New Orleans – Lottery for $25 WICKED Tickets

If you’re bewitched by the theatrical magic of Broadway’s Wicked, but you’re too strapped to book an orchestra seat at the regular price, you wish might just come true. Wicked is returning to New ... Read More


Audition Masterclass With Jackie Burns And Chandra Lee Schwartz

Los Angeles residents get a chance to learn from two masters this month. Wicked's Jackie Burns and Chandra Lee Schwartz will be having an audition masterclass on Sunday, September 22nd in Los Angeles. The ... Read More


A Touch of Wicked Going On

There are moments when you come across certain parts in the original Wizard of Oz that leaves you speechless. From the legions of flying monkeys to the menacing cackle of Margaret Hamilton, few spectacles ... Read More

A “Wicked” Movie is Finally Gracing Theaters in 2021

This isn't sorcery or witchcraft; you read the headline correctly. Come 2021, a feature film adaptation of Broadway musical hit "Wicked" will be gracing theaters. The film is lined up to open on Dec 22, ... Read More

Wicked to Celebrate their 15th Anniversary by Releasing a Special Two-Disc Cast Album

Do you love Wicked? Of course, you do, just like the rest us. As the hit musical celebrates its 15th anniversary the fans will not be left behind. On February 8th, 2019, Wicked: The 15th Anniversary ... Read More


Get ready to be Bewitched by Wicked until May 24, 2019

Great News for all Wicked fans! Over 500,000 new tickets will be released for the hit musical, which is now booking at the Apollo Victoria Theatre until May 24, 2019.Wicked is currently the 7th ... Read More


Do Something Wicked – Tree Planting This Autumn

Continuous efforts by the amazing cast and crew of the ever so popular WICKED musical from West End and Broadway have been sustained this year as the aforementioned collectively aim to raise large ... Read More