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Ariana Grande announces her role in musical Wicked!

Ariana shared a photo of her Wicked rehearsal script. “Honored to be included in the celebration of 15 years of my favorite musical of all time,” Grande captioned the photo, adding, “wouldn’t ... Read More

Jessica Vosk

Jessica Vosk to play Elphaba in Broadway’s Wicked!

After portraying a breathtaking performance of Elphaba on tour, Jessica Vosk will reprise her role in the Broadway company of Wicked. She takes over as the ‘wicked witch’ from Jackie Burns, who ... Read More

Wicked movie

The Musical Wicked is Made into a Movie

Lots of fans across the world must have read the title of the article one more time. Yes! You got it right! The Wicked movie is a real plan that is being materialized just now. A couple of years of ... Read More

Wicked the musical

Different Feelings after Watching Musical at the Aronoff Center

Time causes changes. It affected the musical either. The fans of the show must be tearing hair out at the thought of any alterations in the performance. However, no changes in the plot has been made. ... Read More

Wicked Facts

6 Interesting Facts You Do Not Know About “The Wicked”

Here is the six interesting facts about "The Wicked" musical: Stephen Schwartz came up with the idea for the musical being on holidays. It took place in Hawaii in 1996. Schwartz’ friend ... Read More