Wicked Family Packages and Child-Friendly Seating Options

Wicked, the enchanting Broadway musical, has become a popular choice for families seeking a magical theater experience. To ensure a memorable and enjoyable outing for all ages, it’s important to explore family packages and child-friendly seating options when planning your visit to see Wicked. This article will provide information on Wicked family packages and offer guidance on selecting the best seating options for children.

Family packages and child friendly seating options

Wicked Family Packages

Family packages for Wicked performances offer several benefits, such as discounted tickets and added extras like merchandise or dining vouchers. The following sections will help you find and book the best family packages for Wicked:

  • Benefits of family packages: Purchasing a family package for Wicked can provide significant savings on ticket prices compared to individual purchases. Additionally, family packages often include extra perks, such as priority seating, discounted merchandise, or dining vouchers for use before or after the show.
  • How to find and book family packages: Family packages for Wicked may be available through the theater’s box office, the show’s official website, or authorized ticketing partners. Be sure to research and compare available packages to find the best deal for your family. When booking, provide accurate information about the number of adults and children attending the performance to ensure appropriate accommodations.
  • Examples of family packages: Wicked family packages may vary depending on the theater and performance location. Some examples of family packages include discounted tickets for a group of four, a package that combines tickets with a pre-show meal at a nearby restaurant, or a package that includes souvenir programs and merchandise for each family member.

Child-Friendly Seating Options

Selecting the right seats can significantly enhance the enjoyment of Wicked for younger audience members. Consider the following factors when choosing child-friendly seating options:

  • Age-appropriate seating: Wicked is recommended for children aged 8 and older. When booking tickets, consider your child’s age and maturity level to ensure they will be able to fully enjoy the show. Some theaters may have age restrictions or require children to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Best sections for children: When choosing seats for Wicked, consider opting for sections with a clear view of the stage and minimal obstructions. This may include the front rows of the mezzanine or the middle to rear sections of the orchestra. These areas provide a good vantage point for children to see the stage without straining their necks or standing on their seats.
  • Tips for choosing child-friendly seats: In addition to selecting appropriate sections, consider the following tips for choosing child-friendly seats at a Wicked performance:
    • Booster seats: Some theaters offer booster seats for younger audience members to help them see the stage better. Inquire about the availability of booster seats when booking your tickets.
    • Aisle seats: Aisle seats can provide additional legroom and make it easier to exit the theater for bathroom breaks or intermission. Consider booking aisle seats if you anticipate needing easy access to the theater’s amenities during the performance.
    • Special accommodations: If your child has specific needs or requires additional accommodations, contact the theater’s customer service department to discuss available options and ensure a comfortable experience for your child.

Additional Tips for Enjoying Wicked with Children

To further enhance your family’s experience at a Wicked performance, consider the following tips for preparing children for the show and making the most of your visit:

  • Preparing children for the show: Familiarize your children with the story and music of Wicked before attending the performance. This will help them follow the plot and recognize their favorite songs during the show. Additionally, discuss theater etiquette and the importance of being respectful to other audience members.
  • Intermission and bathroom breaks: Wicked has a runtime of approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission. Plan bathroom breaks accordingly and use the intermission to stretch your legs and enjoy a snack or beverage if needed.
  • Souvenirs and merchandise: The theater will likely offer a variety of Wicked-themed merchandise for purchase, such as souvenir programs, T-shirts, and other memorabilia. Consider setting a budget for souvenirs and discussing options with your children before the performance to avoid potential disappointment or overspending.


Choosing suitable seating and packages for your family can significantly impact your enjoyment of Wicked. By researching available family packages and selecting child-friendly seating options, you can create a memorable theater experience for the whole family. Additionally, following the tips provided in this article will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable outing for everyone attending the performance.

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